How to check mail?

After logging in your mailbox,you can click "Check" in the upper left of main page.Then you can enter into inbox to check your emails.

Why can I receive the email whose "To" field is not my address?

If the sender send you blind copy,you cannot see your email address in the "TO" field.And from Outlook you can see your address in "Bcc" field by right clicking "Attribute" and then "Details".

Why can't I receive the email from other sites?

1) No correct MX records.You can check for them by using commands:Dig or Nslookup.
2) Network failure or firewall problem.You can check through port 25 of Telnet servers in Extranet.
3) Peer mail server failure.You can check whether receive emails from other sites.
4) Incorrect email address in "TO" field.For example,add needless space in Chinese.You can ask recipient to offer the reject letter and send it to us to solve for you.
5) Triggered local rules.Send the reject letter to us and we will solve for you.
6) Man-made causes.For example,user set forwarding in Webmail,but do not save in the local site.Please check configuration.
7) Other causes.If you don't find out any cause above,please contact our Tech Support.

Why can't sender receive a reject letter when the recipient does not get the email from the sender?

In rare cases,the sending email wasn't received for some reasons,and rejected.And in this time,the reject letter just over the remaining space of the sender,due to the available little space of the sender mailbox.

Does my email system delete the email in the mailbox automatically?

Generallly,emails are not deleted automatically.But if you move emails to "Deleted" folder.The system will delete mails in "Deleted" folder every 30 days.Besides the system delete mails in "Spam" folder every 30 days automatically.

Why can not I receive emails from my friends?

If you can not receive mails from your friends,please check whether your mailbox has problems and test it through the methods below:
1) Check whether your mailbox is full.And if it is full,you must delete some of emails or use Outlook Express to store all the emails to free space.
2) Send an email to yourself.If you can send and receive the email,your mailbox is normal.
3) Check whether spam filter is set correctly.And click "Settings" and "Filter" to check whether you have set mail filter and find out problem if it has.
4) Check whether your friends are listed in blacklist. Open "Settings" and click "Blacklist" to check your friend email address.If your friend's address is listed,delete it and you can receive emails from him.
You can contact your friend to check reject letter it is generated or contact our mail administrator.

For the limit of mailbox space,how should I do to free some space and retain original emails at the same time?

Use Outlook. Outlook Express, Foxmail save emails to you computer disk.As there are advantages following,we suggest to take this method.
1) Reserve enough space for mailbox constantly.
2) Check your history emails effectively and fast.
3) Check history email when you are off line.

How to delete the emails I don't need?

1) Delete Mails
Select emails you'd like to delete. Click "Delete" in the upper or lower left of page and you can delete the emails in "Deleted" folder.
2) Delete emails completely
If you'd like to delete emails in "Delete" foler,please open "Deleted" folder and select emails to delete completely.And you click clear then you can delete emails in "Deleted" completely.
3) If you'd like to delete emails directly rather than through "Deleted" folder,you can click "Delete completely" to finish.

4) If you'd like to delete an email when you reading it,you can click "Delete completely" to finish.
Note:Yon cannot restore emails deleted completely.Please be cautious to use this operation.

SMTP/POP3 set up correctly.Why can't I send and receive emails?

Perhaps because of no refreshing DNS resolution previous or failure of internal DNS settings.Please contact your network administrators to solve.

How to reject emails?

If you wouldn't receive someone emails,you can select "Reject":
1) Select "More" after enter "Reject" in reading page.And enter into the adding blacklist page to select "Add" to save.

2) Select email you'd like to reject in the mail list page of an folder.Click "Reject" and then enter intho blacklist setting page.The system displays the recipient address of this email on the left side and you just click "Add" and "Yes".And the system will add this address to black mail to reject the emails from this addresses.And you never receive the emails from this address.

What advantages of POP mails is?How to make the settings?

You can receive emails from more than one address to save your time of checking mailboxes from one to one.
Setting methods:click "POP Mails" after enter "Settings" in the upper left of mailbox page.Then fill in with other account and password you'd to like to,and you can chooce one color mark.If you'd to retain a copy,you can mark in the select box in front of the email you'd like to retain.Click "Add" to finish.

After finishing settings,click "Receive" in top of page.And the system will start to receive emails from other emails.

How to rank the emails?

When you check the content of folders,emails in folder are ordered by sending date.There is an arrow mark to down on the right of the link "Sending Date".

If you'd like to order emails in folders by recipients,you can click title in "recipients" field.Or order emails in any folders,If reversing the order of emails(from the last to the first one),you can click title and the arrow changer opposite direction.

What do the email status marks mean?

Status bar of inbox displayed the status of emails:
Unfold marks stand for newly arrival emails,and you have not read.
Stand for Thread Mode.
Stand for that you have replied the email.
Stand for that you have forwarded this email to others.
Stand for that you have replied the email and forwarded it to others.
Stand for that the email has been set to send email regularly.
Stand for that the email mark as "low priority".
Stand for that the email mark as urgent emails.
Stand for that the email has no virus.
Stand for that the virus attached to the email has been clear.
Stand for that viruses exist in the email,and it wasn't cleared.
Stand for that the system cannot judge whether the email has viruses.
Stand for that the email has attachments.
You can check the status to manage mailbox conveniently.

How to mark the status of the emails?

1) Please check email folder with marks.("Inbox" or other folder)
2) Select emails you'd like to mark.
3) Click "Mark" scrolling down list in the page.
4) Select status mark for emails from scrolling down list.(New emails,Unread,Urgent,Normal,slow)
Or you also click flag mark in front of emails on mail list page in Extreme Style.After you mark the email,subjuct and flag will turn to highlighted red.

Can servers clear the "Delete" folder automatically?

The system will clear emails in "Deleted" folder before 30 days automatically.Please do not move useful emails to "Deleted" folder to ensure your mailbox safe.s

Why can't I find out a new email when the inbox prompt messages?

Your mail lists are ordered by date and the email of the oldest date listed first.It is likely to click "Next" to enter into page displayed the latest emails when you see emails long time ago.

How to create a new folder?

Click "+" to create in extreme style interface.

ow to change or delete folders I created?

You can make these operations to folder you create by yourself:clearing,changing name,deleting and right clicking in "Operation" bar.
We do not provide deleting feature for not empty folder to ensure keep your email from missing dure to misoperations.When the folder you'd like to delete has not any email,you can this folder.Please delete not empty folders after you delete all the emails in these folders.

How to tag mails with more types?

Coremail provides more colors tags to classify mails. You can select "Other Colors" on "Mark as" in menu of Inbox to choose one color of them to tag your mail. Also you can click the flag behind subject in reading page to tag your mails.

How to reply messages with attachments?

For the message with attachments, you can Reply or Reply All to messages with attachments. You can select "Reply with Attachment(s)" of "Reply" on menu of the reading mail; and "Reply All with Attachment(s)" of "Reply All".