Outlook Express Settings

Take Outlook Express 6 Chinese Verson for example,please follow the steps below to configure your client:
1.Open Outlook Express,click "Tool" menu and select "account";
2.Click the tag "Mail",then click "Add" on the right side.And select "Mail" in the popped-up menu.
3.Enter your "Displayed name" according to the popped dialog box,and click "Next".
4.Enter your email address,and click "next".
5.Enter your POP and SMTP server addresses:
  pop: pop.XXX.com
  smtp: smtp.XXX.com
  Click "Next"
6.Enter your account and password,and click "Next".(The account is the one you log in the mailbox.)
7.Click "Finish" to save your settings.
8.SMTP server ID verification settings:Double click the account you just add in the tag "Mail" and an attribute box will pop up.
9.Please click "Server" tag,and select "My server require to verify ID" option in "Sending email server".Then click "Settings" tag on the right side and select "Use and accept the same settings as mail server".
10.Click "Yes",and "Close" the account box.
Now you have finished your settings,and you can send and receive mails just click "Send and receive" in the main page.

Foxmail Settings

Take Foxmail 5.0 Chinese Verson for example:
1.Open Foxmail,then click "Account" menu and select "Create";
2.Select "Next" in the popped-up menu.
3.Enter "Username" you use in Foxmail Administration Accounts according to tips such as "XXXmail" and click "Next".
4.Enter "Sender's Name" and your "Email Address" and click "Next".
5.Enter your mail POP server and SMTP server addresses:
  pop: pop.XXX.com
  smtp: smtp.XXX.com
  And your "POP Account" and "Password",then click "Next".
6、SMTP server ID verification settings: Select "SMTP server require to verify ID" option.(This option must be selected,or you cannot send mail.)And click "Finish" to save your settings
You finish settings and you can send and receive emails in the main window.

Microsoft Office Outlook Settings

Take Microsoft Office OutLook 2003 Chinese Version for example:
1.Open Office OE 2003,click "Tool" menu in the window, and select "Email account";
2.Select "Add new email accout" in the dialog box,and click "Next".
3.Select POP for server type,and click next to confirm.
4.Settings in Account Setting dialog box:
  Your Name:Your account mark can be set more than one account to distinguish using Office OE 2003 .
  Email Address:for example you@XXX.com
  Username:corresponding to mail username,such as you
  Password:password for logging in mailbox
  Receiving Mail Server:POP.XXX.com
  Sending Mail Server: SMTP.XXX.com
  Remenber Password:Select this option,you do not need to enter password to verify account in the local site when sending and receive emails.
5.Set account attribute then click other settings and continue.
6.Click sending server loose paper folder then select "My SMTP server request verification" and click "Yes".
7.Test validity of the account.
8.Examine all the setting whether normal according to tips in window and click "Shut" to quit the test.
9.Clik "Finish" to finish the creation of a new account.

Netscape Settings

Take Netscap 7.0 Chinese Version for example:
1.Start Netscape 7.0 Mail & Newsgroups:
  Click "Edit" option in the main menu.
  Select"Mail and News Groups Account Settings" and The settings window will be popped up.
2.Click "Add Account" in the lower left of newly popped-up attribute setting window.
  Slect "Email Account" then click next.
  Enter "recipients" name you hope to appear when sending emails in "Your Name" field.
  Enter your email address in "Email Address" field,such as,you@XXX.com
  Finish entering,click "Next" please.
3.Please select receiving server type "POP".
  Receving Server: pop.XXX.com;
  Sending Server: smtp.XXX.com;
4.Finsh entering,please click "Next".
5.Please fill your mail username in Username field ,such as you@XXX.com then you can enter you;after finish,please click "Next".
6.Please fill account name in Account Name field as a mark of Nescape Mail,such as XXX Mail;after finish,please click "Next".
7.Please verify the information you set in the new window and click "Finish" to confirm.
8.Back to "Mail and News Group Account Settings",select "Sending Server" in the upper left of the window,enter and verify the information below:
  Please enter in "Server Name" like smtp.XXX.com.
  Please verify the Port is "25".
  Please tick "Use username and password" option.
  Please fill your email account in "Username",for example you@XXX.com,you can fill you in this field.
  Please select "use when needed" in the "Use safe connect(SSL)" field.
  After finish,please click "Yes".

Why can't I use Outlook and Foxmail to send and reveive emails after setting up them

Please check firewall and related settings.One is a firewall installed in operation without opening port 25 and 110.The other one is a professional firewall user buy addtionally.
You can examine whether mail server connect with port 25 and 11 through these methods below:
# telnet mailserverip 25
// If there is no firewall to restrict,the server will return "220" and wait for the user's next command.
# telnet mailserverip 110
// If there is no firewall to restrict,the server will return "+OK" and wait for the user's next command.
For firewall within linux operation,you can shut use these methods if it's restricted.
# setup
Select "Firewall configuration"
Select "Disabled" behind the safe level
Select "Yes" and "Quit".
As some user buy additional firewall,we suggest them to contact administrator.

Why can't I POP emails from the server?

1) Incorrect configuration of clint software.Please check the server address,username,and password.
2) Network failure and firewall probletms.You can check Port 110 of user Telnet mail server.
3) Other causes.If you find out other causes,please contact our Tech Support.

iPad Setting for Mail Client

Mailbox of Mailtech IMAP Service Settings
1. Click "Settings" on iPad and select "Mail/Contact/Calendar" on menu. And select "Add Account" on Account menu.
2. Select "Other click" in options to "Add Mail Accounts".
3. Enter your email address into "Address" and correct password into "Password". And "Name" can be empty. System default is mailbox domain in "Description" or you can change. Click "Next" to finish.
4. IMAP Accounts Settings. Select "IMAP" and enter receiving server address of your mailbox. Like mail.mailtech.cn (Please contact administrator for client server address.) Enter your name into Username and your password into Password. Fill sending server address like mail.mailtech.cn. (Please contact administrator for further.) Click "Next" to finish. Then iPad will check your account, please wait a minute.
5. After finishing checking out, click "Store". And please do not close mail feature that is default open.
6. Back to Settings, you will see new account added in menu, and the name will be same as one you describe. Click account you set for further settings.
7. On the page of Account, click "SMTP" of "Sending server" and set sending server as following:
  1) Click "mail.mailtech.cn" of "Main server".( This address is the one you set before.)
  2) Make sure server is open. Select "Close" in SSL option and the port of server is 25; If you would like to use SSL, please activate this server and set server port as 465.
  3) Click "Finish" to back to Account.
8. Select "Advanced" to enter into advanced settings after finishing setting sending server.
  1) Make sure "Use SSL" is open.
  2) The server port set as 993. If you would like to close SSL, you can set port as 143.
  3) Other options can be default. And then back to the page and click "Finish".

iPhone Setting for Mail Client

1. Click "Settings" and select "Mail/Contact/Calendar" on setting page. Then click "Add Account".
2. Select "Other" in options and then click "Add Mail Account".
3. Enter into New Account page. Fill Email Address and Password. And customize Name. "Description" is default mailbox domain and you can change it. Click "Next" to wait for iPhone to search for account.
4. First select "IMAP". Enter "Host Name" into IMAP receiving server, like mail.mailtech.cn. (Please contact system administrator for detail.) "User name" is your mailbox address. "Password" is your mailbox password. Then fill sending server. "Host Name" is SMTP sending server address, like mail.mailtech.cn. (Please contact system administrator for detail.) "Username" and "Password" are not necessary to fill in. After finishing these steps above, click "Next" to enter into authentication process.
5. After finishing authentication, click "Store" and your account is added.
6. Click the account you have set up, and then enter into the account page.
7. Click "SMTP" to set sending server. After enter into SMTP page, click "mail.mailtech.cn" of "Main Server"(This is SMTP address you set before. ) and set up as following:
  1) Make sure server is open. If message prompts that system fails to sending messages when you are sending mails through this account, please enter your mailbox account in "Username" and your password into "Password".
  2) Select close in "Use SSL". Server port is 25. If you would like to Use SSL, please activate to set server port as 465.
  3) Click "Finish" to back to Account.
8. Click "Advanced" on Account page to enter into Advanced Settings.
  1) Make sure "Use SSL" is open.
  2) Server port is set as 993; if you would like to close SSL, please set server port as 143.
  3) Other options can be default. Back to the page and click "Finish".