How to compose mails?

Log in your mailbox,please click "Compose" on the left side of the page.
1) Enter recipients.For example,'';If there are more than one recipient,please use comma to seperate these email address;Or click "Recipient" to add addresses from Personal or Organization Contact directly.
2) Enter subject.
3) Please attach files or pictures you'd like to,and add attachments.
  a) Click "Add Attachment" under the subject.
  b) Browser files and click the file name you'd like to add.
  c) Click "Open".
  If you'd like to delete attachment that has been added,please click "Delete" beside the attachment.If you'd like to add more attachments,repeat the operation above.
4) Enter text and click "Send".

Why can't I send emails to other sites?

1) Man-made mistake.For example,incorrect recipient address.You can change recipient to find out problems.
2) Incorrect configuration of client software.Please check server address,username and password in settings to find out problems.
3) Failure of network or firewall.You can ping server outside network with mail server to find out problems.
4) Failure of receiver's mail server.You can telnet server outside network with mail server to find out problems.
5) Other causes.Please contact administators if you cannot find the problems above.

How to make screen shot when I compose emails?

You can click screen shot of "Multimedia" in composing page.And shot the pictures you'd like to in the way of all-screen,zone and window.
Note: You can use IE browser,and Firefox/Chrome/Safari do not support this operation.

Can I send an email whose size is equal to the limit of attachments?

Actually,emails with attachments are like parcels and weighing the parcels includes the wrap of parcels.And the limit of attachments are attachment itself,content and tranfer codes system adding(for safe transfer) size limit.Attachments are like the things in parcels,and content and transfer codes are like the wrap.That is, only the total size does not exceed the limit,the attachment can be sent.If you send attachment equal to the limit,there are two cases:
1) Generally,you cannot send because the real size of attachment is equal to the size of itself.
2) In some cases,you can send because the real size of attachment is smaller than the size information.

How long does the recipient receive my email?

The time of email arrival depends on the size of email,the speed of network and the busy working of servers.In normal situation emails can arrive to destination mailbox within 10 minutes.
You can click "Sending Email Search" of user self-service in Webmail page.If receivers are not the local users,you just can check whether email deliver to you recipients' mailboxes.If receivers are the local users,you also can check whether emails from you have read by receivers.

If recipients cannot receive emails for a long time.Please try again or contact Customer Service.

How many people can an email send to?

Email addresses of recipients can be distributed "To","Cc" and "Bcc",and is default maximum to send to at the same time.Please consult mailbox administrator about the specific settings.If the number of addresses exceeds the limit,please send emails for several times.

What format can not emails send?

Currently Coremail Mail system does not support for send emails to username within "/" and Chinese characters.If you send emails to these mailboxes,the system will generate return letter.

Can my mailbox connect with other mailboxes in the world?

Yes,as long as the receiver's mailbox works normally and your address is not listed in his reject list,you can connect to his mailbox.

How to guarantee my email are read by the recipient?

We suggest user to take simplied Chinese GB2312/GBK/Big5/UTF8 to compose emails.If your browser use other codes,it may cause messy code in emails.
Other methods:
1) Save email content as Word or Text,and compress with Winzip tool to send in the way of attachment.
2) Save email content as pictures with Photoshop tool and send in the way of attachment.

I don't finish my email.Can I save first to send later?

Yes.Click "Save to Draft" in composing page and emails are saved to "Draft" folder.You can open "Draft" folder and edit it to send if you'd like to send to someone.

How many attachments can an email to send?

Yes.If you'd like to send more attachments,you can click "Add Attachment".Please pay attention to the total capacity of attachments you'd like to send.It cannot exceed the limit of system,or emails cannot be sent.Please see the question above "Can I send an email whose size is equal to the limit of attachments?".(The actual size depends on the system settings.)

How to use auto signature?

Click "Signatur" in composing page,and select title of signature you'd like to.And it will displayed under email text immediately.
If you have not added your signature,please set your own signature through "Signature" feature of mailbox settings.

What is "Multimedia"?

"Multimedia" is a kind of page formats edited by Html language.For example,you can change color of word and insert picture,etc.The system provides two kinds of HTML editing formats to compose emails.
1) Click "Multimedia" to transfer in text field of composing page,and you can compose email as Word.
2) If you are familiar with HTML language,you can select "Edit source code" of tool bar in "Multimedia" editing status.Click "Preview" on tool bar when composing,and you can preview your composing email.

What is "Read Receipt"?

If you select "Read Receipt" and when the recipients open your emails,Read Receipt will be generated to send to you automatically.You can check whether the receiver computer have receive your email in this formal way.And you know when the recipient read this email.

What is "Urgency"?

If you select "Urgency" of "Settings" in composing page.It is not faster than other emails to be sent to the recipients but the email will be mark when the receiver get the email.And he will know you are urgent to need his reply.

How to save a copy in "Sent" folder when sending an email?

Select "Save to Sent" before you send emails,and you save a copy in "Sent" folder when you send the email.Also this option will be default selected next time.

How to send email at regular time?

After enter receiver emails and email text and specified date in "Send Email Regularlly" under the email,then click "Send Email Regularlly".You can send this email at your specified time.

How to change or cancle the regular email?

1) Click "Draft",and you will find email you set time.

2) Click to enter into this email composing page.And click "Send" to select ""Send Email Regularlly" to change new sending time again.
3) If you'd like to cancel to send,you can click "Save to Draft".The email will cancel to send email regularlly and save as drafts or send and delete this email directly.

How to handle the system return letter after I sent an email?

You can check whether recipient addresseds are correct and ask receiver that whether his mailbox is full.If the size of email exceeds the size of their mailboxes,it can generate return letter even if our mailboxes can send mega attachment.You can see Help about "Return Letter" to find out more solutions.When you have check these probabilities and cannot find out solution,please contact our mailbox administrators and provide the content of return letter.Our Tech Support will analyse causes and provide solutions for you after reveiving your consulting email.

Why can't the recipient receive my email?

If the receiver's mailbox sets up auto forwarding or POP mail to transfer emails and does not retain copy in the original mailbox,this situation will appear.You can ask the whether receiver has made this kind of settings and suggest he to change properly.If you get a return letter after sending letter,please contact our mailbox administrators and provide the content of return letter.Our Tech Support will analyse causes and provide solutions for you after reveiving your consulting email

Why are the content of emails cleared after I enter "Esc"?

In Windows 2000/XP,if you enter Esc twice when composing email,your email will be cleared and cannot be restored.This is because Window system,please be cautious not to enter ESC.

Can I reply a message with the original attachments?

Yes. You can undertake the operations as following:
(1) To reply an individual message: click "Reply" drop-down box on the top of on reading page and select “Reply with attachment”. Or click the "Reply all" to select “Reply all with attachment “when you need.
(2) To reply a message in conversation: please open the replying mail in a conversation. And click "Option" on the right top of the message to select "Reply with attachment". If you need to reply to all, please select "Reply all with attachment".

How to use drag and drop attachments?

Click drop down arrow on the side of "Add Attachment" to open Adding Zone. If you drag the attachment you would like to add to this zone, you can add this attachment. Additionally, you can drag and drop attachments to the composing window directly, and system will open this Adding Zone. The supportive browsers for this feature are IE9, Chrome, Firefox.