What is spam?

The spam emails mean emails received are not requested by receivers.For example,commercial or illegal emails are not requested by recipients.

How to deal with spams?

If you see spams in Web page,you can click "Reject" in "More" in top of reading page.And the sender of this email will be listed in blacklist automatically and emails from this sender will never send emails to you.
If you find spam after download to local folders,you can your software.For example you can use Outlook Express tools "Block sender" to set reject.Please see Help for specific methods.

What is blacklist,and how to configure?

The system will reject all emails from blacklist.
Setting Methods:Click "Settings" in upper right of mailbox page and select "Blacklist" in "Security Settings".Enter email address you'd like to list in blacklist in editing box on the left side of the page then click "Add".This user will be displayed list on the righ side.And click "Yes" to finish.

What is whitelist,and how to configure?

The system does not make filter check to emails from whitelist.
Setting Methods:Click "Settings" in upper right of mailbox page and select "Whitelist" in "Security Settings".Enter email address you'd like to list in whitelist in editing box on the left side of the page then click "Add".This user will be displayed list on the righ side.And click "Yes" to finish.

What is filter,and how to configure?

The system will deal with emails according to different conditions after setting filters.
Setting Methods:
1) Click "Settings" in feature menu on the left side of mailbox page and select "Filter" in the "Security Settings" page.
2) Click "Add" in the "Filter" page.
3) Enter email filter rule name and choose to use this rule.Then choose to continue to next rule after check this one.
4) Select conditions of this rule according to email sources,recipients,subjucts and length settings.
5) Select operations of this rule.You can reject emails,forward to some certain users or folder and auto reply.
6) Click "Yes" to finish setting.

How to configure anti-spam levels?

Click "Settings" in upper right of mailbox page and select "Anti-spam levels" in "Security Settings".They are "Close","Normal","Strict",please select from them according to your requirements.And "Close":
The system does not filter,and emails will be deliver to inbox or sort out and reject according to your filter settings.
The system analyses according to history experience and handle the suspicious spams.(Mark or deliver to [Spam].)Recommend to use.
The system handle the suspicious spams in the way of strict filter(Deliver to [Spam] or delete.)
At the same time,when users select "Strict",they can also customize the ways of handling spams.
1) Save emails to [Spam] folder.Recommend to use.
2) The system delete emails directly,and you cannot check whether these are suspicious spams.Please be cautious to select.
If the system take the way of strict anti-spam,some common email will be regarded as suspicious spams because of advertisement or other spam characters within emails.Please be cautious to select.

How to keep from spams?

1) Do not enter your email address anywhere when you are online.
2) Do not tell your email address to person you not really trust.
3) Do not subscribe some informal and unhealthy e-magazine to keep from collecting your account by spamers.
4) Do not enter your email address in pages that collect spams.
5) If you find sites or information about collecting and saling email addresses,please contact providers and homepage administrators to delete your address and keep from making use of your addresses to sale to commercial or illegal users.
6) We suggest you use certain mailbox for personal communication and other mailboxes to subscribe e-magazines.

If I receive a spam and the sender is me,what's the matter?

The software sending spams assembles username with letters and numbers to send spam emails and hide the real sender address.So you see sender is yourself.
You do not have to worry about these emails,and delete them or send these emails forward to system administrator in the way of attachment.

How to know where the real send from?

The spams are sent by fowarding software,and the address of senders can be fake.And you can view the real sender through the header of email.The method of checking the header:
1) If you read emails in Web page,you can open emails directly.Click "View Original Text" of "Other Options" in top of the page,and you can see the header of emails.
2) If you receive emails through Outlook Express,you can point to email without opening and right click to check the attribute of email and "Detail information".You can see the the header of emails.
If there is a sender in the header,it is real sender behind "Sender".If there is no sender,the last "Received from" is SMTP server the sender use.
The general expression format of Receive commands: From Server A by Server B,Server A is a sending server,Server B is a receiving server.
Generally,Server A in the last sentence "Receive" is the address of senders, and Server B is the sending server,the start of emails. And Server B in the first sentence is your mail reveiving server.Different servers add different content to the header of email,and you cannot find any IP address or domain in "Receive" line sometimes and continue to find up to the page.

Why is my account blocked?

It is possible that your account sends spam emails and emails with virus,which cause harassments and danger to Internet and net friends.If your account is made mistake to block,you can contact mailbox administrator to release blocking.

How to report the spam you received?

Click Check and enter into email index page, select the email you’d like to report as spam, and click on the "this is a spam" button in the top of page. This mail will be moved to Spam folder.

When an email in the Spam folder is not a spam, how should I do?

Select the email you think it not a spam, and click on the "this is not spam" button in the top of the page. And this mail will be moved Inbox, and the system will suggest that the sender of the mail can be added to white list.