How to change logging password?

1) Take Etreme Style for example,and you can click "Settings" in upper right of menu.
2) Click "Password" in "Personal Information" page.
3) Please enter current password and then new password you'd like to change according to the requirements.
4) If you can see a successful page,the password is changed successfully and you'd better to log in mailbox by new password.

How to handle Webmail loggin failure?

The possible causes as following:
1) Incorrect username or password.The message "Verification Failure.Please check username and password you enter carefully." will be given in Webmail page.
2) Failure when clicking wherever after log in mailbox.Please check the error information,for example "FS_code" stands for the system corresponding service fails, please contact the mailbox administrator.

What is "Operation Timed Out"?

If user would like to make some operations again after no user's operation to logging in mailbox,a message "Operation Timed Out" will be given.At this time you need to log in mailbox again to continue.It is a safe measure to protect your mailbox.
If you'd like to edit email with much content,you should not edit in mailbox to keep the content from missing dur to operation timed out.

I foget my mailbox password,and what should I do?

If you forget password or cannot log in account by this password,you can restore or get back password through "Forget Password" feature.Please log in the homepage and click "Forget Password",and the system will instruct you to restore or get back your password through this feature.

Why does the message "Incorrect username/password" appear after I enter username and password?

Please check whether you enter correct username and password.Especially pay attention to lower and capital letters in password.And PASSWORD,PaSsWoRd or password are regarded as three different passwords.
If there is no problem in pyour username and password and your mailbox still cannot be connected,you can try to use "Forget Password" to restore password and then log in mailbox again.
If your password fail to be restored,please contact the mailbox administrator.
Note again:If account is active,please change your mailbox password immediately and get a habit of changing password regularly.

Why dose message "Your account is disabled" appear after I enter username and password?

The possible causes:The number of email you send and receive every through SMTP,POP(that is Outlook client) exceeds the limit of the system allows.
Please contact mailbox administrator if you have other problems.

How to strengthen the security of mailbox?

1) Please click "Close" link in the main menu instead of closing the IE window when you log out mailbox.
2) Please do not enter your mailbox address everywhere when you are online.
3) Please do not tell your email address to person you not really trust.

How to connect to mail system when I am a on a business trip?

You can send and receive emails all the world.The settings is the same as on LAN,and you can send and receive emails through webmail or SMTP/POP3.

The system cannot be connected when I try to logging mail system through LAN.

It is likely to be failure of default gateway settings,please contact network administrator to solve.

How should I do when mailbox are connected slowly?

Webmail provide the newest customer experience.It is possible that you are first time to log in mailbox.If the pages finishing loading,you will enjoy the newest and convenient Webmail page operations.If you feel slow to log in Webmail in first time,you can try the methods following:
Method 1:Compulsory refreshing.In the data loading page,press CTRL+F5. After compulsory refreshing,you can experience new Webmail pages just waiting a minute.
Method 2:Clear browser cache.Click tool in IE browser,and Internet Options-General-Delete Files,then click "Yes" to finish.
Method 3:Confirm whether you install firewall or other Internet assistants and open AD Blocking.We suggest you cancel AD Blocking settings to make your login Webmail more fast.