What is Net Folder?

It provides private and safe Internet network space to store to you.You can save all kinds of personal files on Internet using net folder.It has all the operations to files,such as delete,copy,move,search,etc.Net folder is portable and reliable.Also its content is edited easily and you can share pictures and other files with family and friends.Net folder is like a network mobile disk to provide space for users to store their files they need.As long as you are online,you can fetch them anywhere and anytime.All like storing,changing,managing,sharing and sending personal files can be fixed up easily.

What are File Transit Center and its features?

File Transit Center provides storing files temporarily service.For example it provide 1G capacity(not occupy the space of mailbox) and support for uploading the maximum 1G of file and save within 7 days after uploading.File Transit Center help you to transfer your files between different computers flexibly for example between your home PC and office computer.And it also can send mega attachments to solve the traditional problem of size limit.

What is mega attachment,and what is it different from common attachments?

As we know that the size of common mail attachments is 20 or 30M(More detail set by administrator.),you have to worry about whether the recipients receive your emails.If you have File Transit Center (located in Net Folder),you can send mega attachments reached to 1G(More detail set by administrator.) and send to any email addresses.The recipients receive the download link to avoid the limit of the recipients' mail box capacity.
Note:You can operate through IE browser.Firefox/Chrome/Safari browsers do not support these operations currently.

Why does the system need to install uploading controls?

Uploading controls supports interrupted uploading and displays the progress.It also can upload more than one file at the same time and maintain the speed and stability of uploading.

Can recipients receive and download mega attachments successfully?

The recipients actually receive a terminable download link so it has nothing to do with the recipient's mailbox capacity.The recipients just download files according to download address.If the mega attachments exceed the number of download or is out of date and deleted by you,the recipients can not download them.
Besides you also can check whether the recipients download your files through "Search" feature in File Transit Center.