How to change the style of interface,after logging in mailbox?

1) Click "Settings" in the upper right of mailbox page.
2) Click "Style Selection" in Setting page.
3) Select interface styles,color schemes and languages.

How to display my name when sending emails?

1) Click "Settings" in the upper right of mailbox page.
2) Click "Personal Information" to fill in name you'd like to.
3) Click "Yes" to finish.
When you send emails, your name will diplay in the "Senders" field of sending emails.

What does Parameter Settings in Mailbox Options use to do?

It provide general mailbox parameter settings,you can set up page style and some operation habits according to your requirements.
Some of selections the system recommend are with indication "Recommended Selection".And you can change the parameter settings with your proficient in the system and operation habits.

How to add Auto Signature?

You can have some words in the signature optiong of mailbox settings.And you can select a signature from the ones your design previous when you are composing,it will be sticked in the bottom of emails.
How to create a signature:
1) Open "Settings" page,and click "Signature" to enter into the page.
2) Fill signature title(For example use personal,commercial tags.) in "Add" signature editing field.And enter the content of signature,such as your name,company name,telphone number,etc.You also can set default signatures.
3) Click "Add" to finish creating a signature.

About how to use signatures,please see "Compose Mails" in Help Center "How to use auto signature?"

How to set up auto reply?

When you cannot reply emails immediately,you can edit and activate auto reply feature to keep senders from not sure that you receive their emails.After activate this feature,when you receive a new email,the system will reply an email you set previous to senders.
The methods to set auto reply:
1) Open "Settings" page and click "Auto Reply".
2) Select "Active" Mode.
3) Enter the content of email you'd like to reply in content field.
4) Click "Yes" to finish the settings.

What is filter?And how to configure?

After setting filter,the system will handle the emails you receive according to the different conditions.
Setting Methods:
1) Click "Settings" in feature menu on the left side of mailbox page and select "Filter" in the "Security Settings" page.
2) Click "Add" in the "Filter" page.
3) Enter email filter rule name and choose to use this rule.Then choose to continue to next rule after check this one.
4) Select conditions of this rule according to email sources,recipients,subjucts and length settings.
5) Select operations of this rule.You can reject emails,forward to some certain users or folder and auto reply.
6) Click "Yes" to finish setting.

Keyboard Shortcuts Table for Mail System

Shortcut Key Definition Action Scope
c  Compose Allow you to compose a new message Global
?  Help Show keyboard shortcuts help Global
Close Close current label Global
New message Check for new messages Global
< Left switch Switch to the left label Global
>  Right switch Switch to the right label Global
p  Previous Previous message(Previous conversation in the thread mode) Reading message
n  Next Next message(Next conversation in the thread mode) Reading message
r Reply Reply current message Mail list/Reading message
a Reply all Reply to all message recipients in the current message Mail list/Reading message
f Forward Forward the current or selected message Mail list/Reading message
m  Mark If message is marked as read,it will be marked as unread and vice versa Mail list/Reading message
<Del>  Delete Delete the current or selected message Mail list/Reading message
<Enter> Open Open message(Coremail:open the selected message in the new label) Mail list
<Shift>+← Previous page Return to mail list in the previous page Mail list
<Shift>+→ Next page Return to mail list in the next page Mail list
<Ctrl>+<Home> Home page Go to the first one of message index Mail list
<Ctrl>+<End> Last page Go to the last one of message index Mail list
  Select all Select all messages Mail list