How to read emails?

Click the subject of email and you can read this emails.
When you receive emails including attachment,there is a clip icon in this email on email list.And you can select to open or download attachment when you are reading emails.

Why does Webmail page display in wrong location?

Please check whether you use IE6.0 or advanced verson,please upgrate you browser if not.

The attachment cannot open,and how to deal with it?

This problem caused by a setting of IE browser.You can open attachment just cancel this option.
Operations as following:
1) Open IE browser to select "Internet option" in the "Tool" menu.
2) You can find "Browse" option in "advanced" tag of "Internet opetion" then cacel "Always send URL in the way of UTF-8",and click "Yes" to save your change to IE.
After you change the settings following steps above,you can open the attachments in emails.

How to open different types of attachments?

Word documents,Microsoft Word opens Word. Texts,WORDPAD opens.
Emails,Outlook opens. Pages,IE browser opens.
Excel documents,Microsoft Excel opens. RAR compressions, WinRAR opens.
PowerPoints,Microsoft PowerPoint opens. PDF documents,AdobeReader opens.
ZIP compressions,WinRAR opens.    

What is "More" in reading page?

Take Extreme Style for example:

1) Forward
  a) Forward directly:the system attaches attachments on the emails directly to forward.
  b) Forward as attachments:the system forwards the current emails in the format of .eml.
2) Download emails:you can download emails to your local folders.
3) View the head of email:you can check the source of emails and it plays an important role in Anti-spam.
4) View original text:after select View text,you can see email returns from original text to common email content.
5) Email number:if you an email with messy code,you can select different codes to adjust./

How to move emails to other folders?

1) Please view email folders you'd to move.(It can be "Inbox" or other folders.)
2) Select emails you'd like to move.
3) Click drop-down list of "Move" in the page.
4) Select the target folder in drop-down list.And emails are moved immediately.

Can I forward emails I receive to others?

Yes.You can click "Forward" in top of reading email page,enter recipient in forwarding page and edit complete email,then click "Send" to finish.

How to handle the email you receive which includes messy code?

There are three causes about emails with messy code.
a) Because the sender's contry or zone number is different from Chinese mainland.For example it is Big5 in Hongkong and Taiwan.If you viem in mailbox directly,it is possible to be displayed messy> b) Because the sender's tools of sending and receiving emails is different from yours.
c) Because the sender's transfer mechanism of mail server is different from yours.
You can try to take the solution below to solve major problems about emails with messy code.
Open mail page to select corresponding codes sequentially in "More" code option to check whether emails are normal.

Why does the date of emails in Webmail differ from the one in email content?

Please click "Settings" in webmail and "Parameter Settings" then "Timezone Settings",you can check whether you set other timezones.