What is Mail Recalling?

Coremail mail recall feature can recall emails from local users when the recipient do not read the email.And it also can recall the emails to more than one recipient at the same time.

After I sent an email I regret,can I recall it?

Yes.But your mailbox must be in the conditions following:the administrator have opened email recalling,and recipients are the local user and the email isn't read by recipients.(If the recipients have read the email,the recalling will fail.We suggest you to check the status of recipients reading your email through self-service before recalling.)
Recalling flow: you must open emails you'd like to recall in sent folder and click "Recall Mail" in the upper left side of menu bar.The system will pop up the conditions message window.You click "Yes" and the system will execute the recalling and give status message.A system email about the result of mail recalling will be sent to you.

What is "Sender Recalling Mail" ?

This is a system notification letter about sender recalling the email you just receive.As the sender recall the email,you can not check the content of the email.

Can I recall a mail whose sender is mail list ?

Yes. But you must be sure that the administrator has opened the recall mail function and all emails you send are still unread. (If part of the email has read at this time, you only can recall remaining emails that has not been read; we suggest that you can search in Records to check the sent mail reading status before recalling).